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Based in a small town in rural Ontario, Choko Authentic Apparel has deep roots in the farming community. Uxbridge sits in a valley, surrounded by farmland worked by the local population. Founder Ed Hakonson grew up in such a farming community, helping his parents in their greenhouse outside of Markham. To this day, Ed keeps a small number of farm animals (chickens, etc.,) on his property in Uxbridge. Choko honoured its roots with a new brand geared toward those in the farming industry called Farmers Feed Families, designed to both demonstrate Choko’s connection to farming, and to identify and draw attention to our local farmers.

farmad Having created and registered the brand themselves, the Choko team is able to implement their own designs and slogans for the brand, purely following their passion for farming and farmers. Having a completely free hand in the design phase makes this a fun and very personal project for the entire company. With the entire Choko team living in or near Uxbridge, they all have been impacted by farming in some way, and it shows in the development and expansion of the Farmers Feed Families brand name.


The Farmers Feed Families brand can be found at TSC stores across Canada, as well as many other country retail stores (see list below).

Across Canada, the Farmers Feed Families brand can be found in TSC stores, Federated Co-op, Princess Auto, Country Depot, True Value, Peavey Mart, North West Company, and V&S stores, among others. In the United States, the brand can be found at Orscheln’s, which carries the full line. If there is no local retailer near you, just contact and the great customer service team will help you out! If you’re looking for something custom to be made up, they can help with that too; your branding would look great with the Farmers Feed Families designs!

Be sure to check out the Farmers Feed Families brochure.

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